Friday, June 20, 2008

Love Guru can't compare to Sex Guru

So if the blogosphere, online reviews, movie websites, written media, multimedia, and general word of mouth are to be believed, the Love Guru starring Mike Meyers might just go down as the movie that killed funny and will certainly be gracing the Razzie award nomination pages.

A strained effort from the beginning, it made this 80 some odd minute experience a nauseating affair comparable to long distant car rides with petulant singing children ceaselessly repeating the refrain, "the song that never ends". A truly unbearable affair of unfunny requiring a shower and Robot Chicken to reclaim a sense of humanity/ sanity and restore my faith in laughter. It can not be said however that faith in Mike Meyers will ever return. His latest foray into live action since the dissapointing Cat in the Hat in 2003, leaves this blogger shaken at how hard the once mighty can fall.

If you are looking for a Guru check out, pick up some tips and head to your nearest watering hole. But for your sake, for your daughter's sake, don't stop at your local multiplex.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sex Health Guru Hits the Web

Sex Health Guru went live a little over a month ago as an excitig new provider of online sexual health information. Targeting a demographic which has been overlooked by older forms of media, namely text, Sex Health Guru aims to supply its viewers with entertaining, engaging, and informative video content for the sexually active and the sexually curious.

Sex Health Guru offers over 200 videos in categories such as Birth Control, STDs, Sex Skils, and Sex 101. Each video is hosted by a medical expert, such as an OB-GYN, and provides relevant, easy to understand information in an enjoyable and entertaining format.

Although is a new website, this is not the first foray into web video for FullTurn Media, the site’s parent company. FullTurn Media, through the illumistream health brand, is already the largest provider of health video on the web, with over 30 million video views in each of the last two months.

In the wake of the recent CDC study which concluded that 26% of American teenage girls have an STD, FullTurn Media CEO Joshua Silberstein said, “Sex education in the United States isn’t working. People need easy access to accurate, unbiased information about STDs and birth control. More than that – they need that information in a format that will resonate with them.” Sex Health Guru (Sex Health and STD Testing Videos) may be a real first step towards that vision.